QMI Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Shutter Maintenance and QMI Limited Warranty

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Approximate AL7 Maximum Overall Shutter Heights

Approximate AL7 Maximum Overall Shutter Heights

Architectural Specs

Division 8 Security Protection (Int & Ext)

AL7 Security Shutter 083300 Spec.

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Architectural Specification 086600 Security Fixed Screen

40 KB

Architectural Specification 086601 Security Egress Screen

48 KB

QMI 83302 Double Wall Shutters Spec

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Qompact Rolling Shutter 83301 Security Shutter Spec

69 KB

Side Folding Security Grille 83501 Spec

75 KB

Division 10 Exterior Hurricane Protection

AL7 Security Shutter 107100 Hurricane Spec

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AL7 Security shutter 107100 spec

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Double wall shutters specs

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Architectural Specification 107100 Hurricane Fixed Screen

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Fixed screen specs pdf

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Architectural Specification 107101 Hurricane Egress Screen

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Egress screen specs

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QMI 10712 Double Wall Shutters Spec

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Qompact Rolling Shutter 107100 Hurricane Spec

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Qompact Rolling Shutters

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Qompact Rolling Shutters (En Español)

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Field Sheet for Product Selection

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StoreSafe Clear Rolling Shutters

1.26 MB

StoreSafe Vision Rolling Shutters

4.76 MB

CounterSafe Pharmacy and Kiosk Security

3.14 MB

StormSafe Accordion Shutters

2.96 MB

ProductSafe Product and Security Case

1.11 MB

StoreSafe Screens

1.11 MB

StormSafe Screens

5.72 MB

StormSafe Rolling Shutters

2.41 MB

Storm Safe Fabric Roll Mesh

1.93 MB

StormSafe Colonial Shutters

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StormSafe Clear Panels

1.2 MB

StormSafe Bahama Shutters

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AL7 Hurricane Brochure

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Hurricane Single Wall Shutters

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Color Chart with Available Housing Shapes and Sizes

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StoreSafe Side Folding Grilles

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Low Voltage EZ Drive System

1.24 MB

HomeSafe Screens and Shutters

2.96 MB

Stackdoor Brochure

2.49 MB

Time Delay Case 2 Door

1.96 MB

Time Delay Case 4 Door

1.92 MB

Time Delay Case No Door

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QMI Payment Plan

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Color Chart with Available Housing Shapes and Sizes

Color Chart with Available Housing Shapes and Sizes

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Low Voltage EZ-Drive System

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Qompact Control Options

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Hurricane Approval Documents


FL5013 R8 II FL 5013-R8

5.25 MB

AL7 Miami Dade NOA 15-1005.03

940 KB


Qompact Testing Lab

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FL5013 R8 II FL 5013-R8

5.25 MB

Double Wall PVC-P55

FL5013 R8 II FL 5013-R8

5.25 MB

Double Wall Alum-US60

FL5013 R8 II FL 5013-R8

5.25 MB

Stainless Steel Screens

StormSafe Screen – Fixed Impact Screen – HVHZ

3.07 MB

StormSafe Screen – Fixed Impact Screen – Non-HVHZ

3.11 MB

StormSafe Screen – Operable Impact Screen – HVHZ

3.11 MB

StormSafe Screen – Operable Impact Screen – Non-HVHZ

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Assa Mullion

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Wind Load Charts

Wind Load Charts

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Measure and Installation Instructions

Side-Folding Grille Installation Instructions

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Lock Core Installation – Side-Folding Grilles

863 KB

Side Folding Grille Order Form Detailed

537 KB

Side Folding Grille Measurement Form

184 KB

Side Folding Grille Checklist

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Roll Shutter Installation Instructions

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Instrucciones de instalacia del cortinas

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Installation Checklist and Signoff

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Qompact Hurricane Order Form

1.35 MB

AL7 Hurricane Order Form

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Toggle Bolt Instructions

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Lock Information

Lock & Styles

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Motorized Wiring and Automation

Remote Programming Guides

Altus 6 Step Visual Reference Guide

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Quick Programming Guide for RTS Motors

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Altus RTS Motor Quick Reference Guide

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MY SOMFY Mobile Transmitter Reference Guide

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SIMU Mobile Transmitter 1 Channel Reference Guide

1.06 MB

SIMU Mobile Transmitter 5 Channel Reference Guide

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Remote Control Troubleshooting

Motor Troubleshooting Guide

391 KB

Troubleshooting Guide

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Troubleshooting Tips

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Standard Voltage Motors

RI2 Group Switch Relay Diagram

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RI3 Group Switch Relay Diagram

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Designer Switch

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Double Pole Designer Switch – Pole

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Double Pole Toggle Switch Pole

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Keyswitch (1KX-R & 1KF-R)

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Keyswitch (601200 & 601202)

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Keyswitch (601201 & 601203)

102 KB

Rocker Switch

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Toggle Switch

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Tubular Operators with Integrated Radio Receivers (DMI16Hz Motors)

Somfy Motor Radio Receiver Brochure

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3.5 Autosun Installation Guide

2.07 MB

16 Ch Xmit

626 KB

DC Ehz Programming Quick Ref Guide

477 KB

Dmihz Installation Instructions

840 KB

HZ Dry Contact Interface

987 KB

HZ Keypad

1.28 MB

HZ Programming Quick Ref Guide

3.04 MB

Hz02 Plus Guia de Referencia

623 KB

HZ Timer

296 KB

HZ02 Installation Instructions

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tsa 24 Ref Guide

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Universal HZ Receiver

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Automation Diagram Using MyLink

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Somfy myLink Brochure

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Somfy Wireless Motor Brochure

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Mounting Details

Shutter Mounting Details

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Shutter Maintenance & QMI Limited Warranty

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Screen Maintenance

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Coastal Area Definition – Map and Zip Codes

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Corporate Brand Identity Overview & Intellectual Property License Agreement (IPLA)

QMI Corporate Brand Guide and IPLA

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QMI Corporate Brand Style Guide

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Motorized Egress and Door Shutter Policy

Motorized Egress and Door Shutter Policy

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Employment Application

QMI Employment Application

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